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When I think about ABM or any programmes that need to be very focused, I think xGrowth.

xGrowth were very truthful and very honest. If there was a challenge or a roadblock, then we all came in together as a team to find a solution and there were no excuses. xGrowth were 100% committed, the whole team was just like our business partner. I would say they are not a business vendor; they are our business partners.

reena misra
Reena Misra
ANZ Marketing Leader at OutSystems
12 opportunities created with the largest financial institutions in Australia and New Zealand.

OutSystems, a low-code software company, aimed to expand their reach in the financial sector of the ANZ region, specifically targeting Tier 2 banks and insurance companies.

However, as they had never run an ABM campaign in the area before, they needed guidance on both the strategy and execution. Their goal was to educate the accounts about the latest advancements in the low-code software field and how OutSystems can help.


Meetings with new prospects were a key KPI for us, we were looking at a KPI of 9-12 meetings. The KPIs were well and truly exceeded in the campaign, we’ve overachieved in the KPIs we set, out of the 100 accounts identified we secured 24 meetings of those 100 accounts and a pipeline sitting at $1.2 million in the first four weeks of the campaign.

reena misra
Steven Humphrys
Sales Manager at Dienst Consulting
Building a $1.2 million pipeline in upper mid-market and enterprise accounts

Dienst was focused on getting net new accounts at the right level. They were looking to increase their footprint in the Western Australia and South Australia as well as promote their services around remote work.

Meetings with new prospects were a key KPI for them as well as building deeper relationships and increasing their share of wallet with existing clients.

Telstra account expansion & penetration into other buying centres

The client's main objective was to expand their presence within Telstra Enterprise beyond the Finance department and into other relevant buying centres.

However, they faced several challenges, including a lack of visibility into these buying centres, new initiatives, and objectives within Telstra, and no structured approach to account expansion.


It’s been amazing working with xGrowth. We needed someone who could guide us through the process, a lot of people are new to ABM and we hadn’t done it to this degree before. xGrowth asked all the right questions and got to understand our business. They got involved with our sales team, our customer success team and even our customers.

reena misra
Michele Clarke
Head of Marketing, APAC Secure Code Warrior
It’s been amazing working with xGrowth. When we started, we needed someone who could guide us through the process

Secure Code Warrior engaged us to help them roll out their ABM process, from strategy development to execution. We worked closely with their APAC marketing, sales, and customer success teams, providing guidance and support to ensure a successful ABM implementation.

15 meetings booked with C-level and C-1 level executives across the APAC region

Feedzai approached us with the goal of acquiring new clients in the financial sector, with a specific focus on targeting CISOs, fraud specialists, and security departments.

They were looking to penetrate Tier 1 financial service accounts in ANZ, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia and India. With our help, Feedzai was able to develop a strong brand awareness within 82% of their target accounts and book meetings with 15 of them.


The primary outcome of working with xGrowth was a lot of learning and teaching for Convoso. Where we started in ABM is not nearly where we are at now. We’ve learned so much along the way on how to run full-scale ABM campaigns.

reena misra
Elliott Blatt
Marketing Operations Manager at Convoso
Going from no ABM experience to developing multi-tier ABM programs

The Convoso marketing team was starting their ABM journey and were looking for a partner to help them navigate and build the ABM function in the organisation.

With the help of xGrowth, Convoso was able to first launch their Programmatic (1:many) ABM program followed by Scale (1:few) and Strategic (1:1) ABM in a 12-month period.

xGrowth helped Convoso set up a multi-tier ABM program that uses an omnichannel sales and marketing approach to engage with target accounts.

Results we're delivering:
$1.2mil in pipeline in the first four weeks of execution
6 opportunities generated from Outsystems top 15 financial services accounts