Telstra Case Study

Telstra account expansion & penetration into other buying centres

Client Overview

  • International technology provider
  • Size: 20,000+ employees worldwide
  • Dedicated ABM staff with an account-specific sales team


The client already had a presence in the Telstra Enterprise Finance department but wanted to expand to other buying centres within the account.


  • Lack of visibility into all the other potential and relevant buying centres within the target account
  • Lack of visibility on new initiatives and objectives within the target account
  • No structured approach to account expansion


  • Internal information gathering on the account
  • Account contact expansion, buying centres identification and organisational chart mapping
  • Account insight generation and contact enrichment
  • Theme development, messaging and design ABM plays

The Results

  • We identified 7 different buying centres within Telstra that were a good match for our client’s offering.
  • Within 3 months of launching the campaign, the sales team were able to have meetings with target decision-makers from 4 of the buying centres.
  • By month 9, the client participated in the tender process with one of the buying centres.