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Boost your business by tapping into the expertise of our Go-to-Market Strategy consultants. Get custom strategies, deep market insights and drive sustainable growth for your B2B company.

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xGrowth brings a very structured approach to ABM. It’s been amazing working with you.
Michele Clarke
Head of Marketing, APAC Secure Code Warrior
When I think ABM, I think xGrowth. xGrowth were 100% committed, the whole team was just like our business partner. I would say you are not a business vendor; you are our business partner.
Reena Misra
Reena Misra
ANZ Marketing Leader

Why Does Your Business Need
a Go-to-Market Strategy Consultant?

Accelerate Market Entry

Gain expert guidance to launch products effectively, ensuring rapid market penetration and early success.

Maximise Sales Efficiency

Optimise sales and marketing efforts to enhance customer acquisition and revenue growth.

Adapt and Thrive

Stay ahead in dynamic markets by continually aligning your offerings with customer needs and market trends.

Four things xGrowth can help you with

Acquire net new logos

GTM Strategic Roadmapping

With a focus on customer acquisition and expansion, xGrowth crafts a GTM plan for consistent growth and maximising customer lifetime value.
Align sales and marketing

Align sales and marketing

xGrowth synchronises your sales and marketing efforts to unify goals, communication, and strategies for effective market engagement.
Build your ABM strategy

Custom ABM Strategies

xGrowth creates targeted ABM campaigns to convert high-value prospects into customers, enhancing sales efficiency and pipeline velocity.
Increase your share of wallet

Effective Demand Generation

Leveraging the principles of the one:many ABM tier and traditional demand generation, xGrowth boosts target account quality, filling your sales funnel with engaged, conversion-ready prospects.

What’s it like working with the xGrowth team?

xGrowth's ABM-led GTM approach speeds up market entry.

With xGrowth's ABM-led GTM approach, these firms have broken into new geographies, explored untapped industries, and sped up their sales cycle.

The ABM campaign has exceeded my expectations!
Even during these times, the ABM campaign has exceeded my expectations. I’m just blown away that during a pandemic, and during a lockdown we’re actually able to get through to people and they’re willing to have conversations with us!
Steve Psaradellis
Steve Psaradellis
Teba Group
We’ve learned so much on the way to run full-scale ABM.
Before xGrowth we were just running simple account-based scoring models. What xGrowth has given us the ability to do is run full-scale campaigns on top of it.
Elliott Blatt
Elliott Blatt
Marketing Operations Manager | Convoso
$1.2 million in the first four weeks!
Out of the 100 accounts identified for the campaign, we secured 24 meetings of those 100 accounts and have a pipeline sitting at $1.2 million in the first four weeks of the campaign.
Steven Humphrys
Steven Humphrys
Sales Manager
Dienst Consulting
The return on investment we have to date is around $1.4 million and ongoing.
As much as ABM is a relationship sell the reality is the ROI that comes with ABM is a lot more tangible. Especially with the pandemic last year we found that the cold-calling campaigns that we were doing were at an all-time high, but they weren’t as effective. Realistically ABM actually gave is a better ROI overall.
Roshantha Pillay
Roshantha Pillay
Citrix Marketing Lead Dicker Data
Results we're delivering:
Dienst Logo
$1.2mil in pipeline in the first four weeks of execution
6 opportunities generated from Outsystems top 15 financial services accounts

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FAQs On Go-To-Market Strategy Consulting

What is a Go-to-Market Strategy?

A Go-to-Market Strategy is an action plan that specifies how a company will target customers & achieve competitive advantage to drive sales, growth, and business sustainability.

It focuses on delivering value to customers, determining the most effective distribution channels, and defining the pricing model to maximise revenue growth.

Example: A tech startup launching a new software product might utilise a Go-to-Market Strategy that includes online marketing campaigns to target tech enthusiasts and a direct sales approach to engage larger business clients.

This strategy is essential for businesses entering new markets or launching new products, as it helps to align marketing and sales processes with the overarching market strategy to ensure long-term success.

What is Go-to-Market Consulting?

A Go-to-Market Strategy outlines how a company will target customers to drive sales and growth while achieving a competitive advantage for business sustainability.

This form of strategy consulting is crucial for businesses looking to enter a market efficiently and effectively.

Example: A Go-to-Market Consulting firm might work with a manufacturing company looking to launch a new product, helping them to identify target market segments, develop channel strategies, and set pricing to build market share.

Go-to-Market Strategy Consulting firms bring expertise, insights, and industry knowledge to help businesses tailor their sales, distribution, and marketing efforts to meet customer needs and optimise business performance.

What is the Role of the Go-to-Market Strategy Team?

The role of the Go-to-Market Strategy team is to develop, execute, and monitor a plan that aligns the company’s products or services with its target market and customer base.

This includes conducting market research, developing product positioning, and creating marketing and sales strategies that effectively reach the target audience.

An example would be a Go-to-Market team at a retail company planning the launch of a new clothing line, where they might decide on using social media platforms for promotion, partnering with influencers for wider reach, and selecting retail outlets for physical distribution.

They work closely with marketing, sales, and product development teams to deliver a cohesive approach that maximises business success in the market.

Why do you Need GTM Services?

Companies need GTM services to ensure a strategic approach to market entry and to optimise their sales and marketing efforts.

For example, a company introducing an innovative green technology solution might require GTM services to communicate its value proposition to potential clients effectively and to establish a distribution network that aligns with its sustainability values.

GTM services provide the expertise and resources necessary to analyse the market, understand customer needs, and develop a comprehensive strategy that will deliver growth and competitive advantage.

These services are critical in helping businesses establish effective channels, pricing models, and sales strategies that align with their overall business objectives and drive market success.

What does a GTM Consulting Firm do?

A GTM consulting firm offers specialised expertise to help companies navigate the complexities of entering new markets or launching new products.

They assist in developing Go-to-Market Strategies that encompass market analysis, competitive positioning, customer segmentation, and sales channel optimisation.

Example: "GTM Experts Group" works with "InnovateAI," a B2B SaaS startup specialising in artificial intelligence for logistics. The consulting firm helps them segment the market into small and medium-sized enterprises, develop a pricing strategy that undercuts larger competitors, and strategise a content marketing plan to demonstrate thought leadership in AI-driven logistics solutions.

By providing insights and guidance on the most effective ways to reach and serve customers, GTM consulting firms help businesses improve their sales processes, optimise their market strategy, and achieve sustainable growth and long-term success in the industry.

Is GTM just B2B Marketing?

While GTM is often associated with B2B marketing, it is not limited to it. Go-to-Market strategies apply to businesses in both B2B and B2C sectors, as they encompass broader aspects of positioning, selling, and delivering products or services to the market.

However, in B2B contexts, Go-to-Market Strategies are particularly crucial due to the complexity of sales cycles, the importance of building long-term client relationships, and the need for a detailed understanding of industry-specific dynamics and customer needs.

For example, a B2B company specialising in cloud computing solutions would need a Go-to-Market Strategy that addresses the specific needs and buying behaviours of businesses in different industries, focusing on building direct relationships and offering tailored services.

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