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Looking to roll out an account-based initiative in your organisation?

Account based marketing aligns sales and marketing teams to work together on the same set of target accounts. It is a strategic approach of creating highly personalised marketing campaigns leading to pipeline acceleration, higher closure rates and faster sales cycles.

We’ve helped create a $1.2 million pipeline for an IT consulting firm in 4 weeks using ABM principles. Want to know how we did it?
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  • Dienst consulting abm

    $1.2mil in Pipeline in the First Four Weeks of Execution

    Dienst Consulting, a Citrix and Microsoft partner, wanted to reach IT executives. We rolled out a hyper targeted and personalised ABM campaign to accomplish this objective.
  • Taking OneSpace from NO LEADS to a solid sales pipeline

    Working with OneSpace, a cloud solution for accountants developed by Byte, we developed a fully integrated customer acquisition pipeline.
  • Facebook, WeChat and event marketing and 100s of leads later

    ARE, an international real-estate agency with offices in Singapore and Malaysia, was looking to generate interest in the UK property market for Australian investors.
  • Opening doors to large organisations for Mobi

    Mobi aims to serve large organisations by providing a carpooling scheme for its employees. We were able to bring them to the attention of organisations such as the Australian Music Institute and Dandenong City Council. 

Business outcomes that we drive for you!

Building a predictable revenue engine

Word of mouth and referrals are incredible but unreliable. Build predictable channels of growth and take out the guesswork.
We work with your sales and marketing teams to set up a systematic approach for closing deals consistently each quarter. Most of the time, B2B companies rely on their sales team's network to get more business; our focus is to propel your sales team to go beyond their existing network and break into new accounts.

Help you land and expand larger deals faster

Closing opportunities is as important as generating them. That's why we ensure that the sales team has all the resources at their disposal to get that contract signed.
We scale your marketing efforts by creating personalised pipeline acceleration campaigns that enable your sales team and showcase relevant content to prospective buyer personas. Backed by the right content and marketing campaigns, our objective is to reduce your lengthy sales cycle as much as possible!

Fully align your marketing with company revenue

Working backwards from your revenue and growth targets, we build your marketing strategy, ensuring complete alignment between marketing, sales and revenue
Getting the buy-in from all the parties, i.e. sales, customer success & marketing, becomes the key to successfully execute a campaign and get the desired results from a revenue standpoint. We use our industry experience to ensure that these teams are on the same page when targeting accounts and complement each other during the sales cycle.
"Presentation delivery and content was great and perfectly tailored for what we needed. xGrowth really opened our eyes to the potential that LinkedIn may have to help us nurture relationships with our customers - and potential industry partners."
We love our customers, and they
love us.

John Imgrund
Director of Sales  & Marketing  at Millennium Science

Who We've Been Talking To

"I found working with xGrowth an enjoyable and worthwhile experience. They were willing to listen and were very keen to get the outcome we wanted."
Steve McCallum
Operations Manager at VicRoads

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean by Account-Based Marketing?

ABM or account-based marketing is a more targeted and personalised form of marketing that defines your organisation’s go-to-market strategy around your most valuable target accounts.

Here we work with your sales and marketing teams to run campaigns focused on specific stakeholders from target accounts.

ABM has gained a lot of traction in the last decade and can reap tremendous returns on your business's marketing investments. 56% of companies now leverage ABM. 80% of marketing teams worldwide have confirmed a higher return on investment from ABM initiatives. So ABM can help your business achieve higher deal closing rates, promote better and relevant brand awareness and much more.


Is ABM or Account-Based Marketing right for my business?
If you are a company selling to other businesses where :
  1. There are multiple buyers
  2. The sales cycle are extended ( in months)
  3. Your average deal size is above $30K
  4. You have a defined list of high-value clients that you want to target.
  Then, ABM is the right strategy for your business. Check out more on this topic here.


What is the difference between ABM and inbound marketing?

Inbound marketing is a form of marketing where companies try to attract a wide range of customers through their content. On the other hand, ABM comprises of personalised marketing campaigns delivered to a specific account and account stakeholders that a company is targeting to acquire.


How can I get started with ABM?

You are in luck; we at xGrowth have created a complete ABM Guide that can be accessed right here. If you are looking at solving a specific problem, contact us for a free discovery session now!


Do you offer free discovery sessions?

Yes! You can reach out to us for an initial consulting session here.


Do you only work with B2B technology companies?
We predominantly work with B2B technology companies, but our strategies apply to any B2B firm operating in a complex sales environment which involves selling to multiple people in an organisation and selling high-ticket products or services (~$30k+)


Are you a B2B Marketing Agency?

We do a lot of marketing execution work for our B2B clients, but one of our strongest areas of expertise is crafting customised account-based marketing strategies and then working with client stakeholders to execute them. So, we are not just a B2B marketing agency but a marketing-strategy consulting firm too!


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