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We help our clients do just that with 
Account-Based Marketing

  • Taking OneSpace from NO LEADS to a solid sales pipeline

    Working with OneSpace, a cloud solution for accountants developed by Byte, we developed a fully integrated customer acquisition pipeline.
  • Dienst consulting abm

    $1.2mil in Pipeline in the First Four Weeks of Execution

    Dienst Consulting, a Citrix and Microsoft partner, wanted to reach IT executives. We rolled out a hyper targeted and personalised ABM campaign to accomplish this objective.
  • Facebook, WeChat and event marketing and 100s of leads later

    ARE, an international real-estate agency with offices in Singapore and Malaysia, was looking to generate interest in the UK property market for Australian investors.
  • Opening doors to large organisations for Mobi

    Mobi aims to serve large organisations by providing a carpooling scheme for its employees. We were able to bring them to the attention of organisations such as the Australian Music Institute and Dandenong City Council. 

What we help our clients achieve

You build a predictable revenue engine

Word of mouth and referrals are amazing, but unreliable. Build predictable channels of growth and take out the guesswork.

You fully align your marketing with company revenue

Working backwards from your revenue and growth targets, we build your marketing strategy, making sure there’s full alignment between marketing, sales and revenue.

You close larger deals faster

Closing opportunities are as important as generating them. That’s why we make sure your sales team has all the resources to close deals faster.
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"Presentation delivery and content was great and perfectly tailored for what we needed. xGrowth really opened our eyes to the potential that LinkedIn may have to help us nurture relationships with our customers - and potential industry partners."
We love our customers, and they
love us.

John Imgrund
Director of Sales  & Marketing  at Millennium Science

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Customers Say

We love our customers, and they
love us.
"I found working with xGrowth an enjoyable and worthwhile experience. They were willing to listen and were very keen to get the outcome we wanted."
"I found working with xGrowth an enjoyable and worthwhile experience. They were willing to listen and were very keen to get the outcome we wanted."
Steve Mccallum
Operations Manager at VicRoads

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