Outsystems Case Study

12 opportunities created with the largest financial institutions in Australia and New Zealand.

Client Overview

  • International vendor with 2000+ employees
  • A billion dollar fast growing unicorn in the low-code and software development sector
  • Working with the Head of ANZ Marketing and the local sales team


OutSystems, a low-code software solution, aimed to expand their reach in the financial sector of the ANZ region, specifically targeting tier 2 banks and insurance companies. However, as they had never run an ABM campaign in the area before, they needed guidance on both the strategy and execution. Their goal was to educate the accounts about the latest advancements in the low-code software field and how OutSystems can help.


  • Had never run an ABM campaign in the region and needed guidance on both strategy and execution
  • The need to educate accounts about new development in the low-code software development
  • Facing challenges penetrating the financial sector in the ANZ market


  • Two-cluster Scale (one-to-few) ABM campaign.
  • The approach that focused on building personalised relationships with individual high-value accounts.
  • The focus was on targeting two different clusters of similar accounts, rather than individual accounts. This approach allows for a more personalised and efficient use of resources, as the message can be tailored to a group of accounts at once, while still maintaining a high level of personalisation. Overall, a two-cluster Scale ABM campaign is an effective way to target high-value accounts with a more scalable and efficient approach.


  • Warm-up campaigns
  • LinkedIn, Twitter and IP targeted ads
  • Direct mail
  • Handwritten letters
  • Bespoke account whitepapers
  • Dedicated landing pages
  • Phone, email, LinkedIn and video scripts for the sales team
  • Linkedin social selling


The campaign took 4 months to prepare and saw the following results:

  • 100% account engagement
  • 47% meetings booked
  • 12 opportunities generated

When I think about ABM or any programmes that need to be very focused, I think xGrowth.

xGrowth were very truthful and very honest. If there was a challenge or a roadblock, then we all came in together as a team to find a solution and there were no excuses. xGrowth were 100% committed, the whole team was just like our business partner. I would say they are not a business vendor; they are our business partners.

Reena Misra
ANZ Marketing Leader at OutSystems