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How can account-based marketing
help your organisation?

We are a B2B Tech marketing agency helping our clients across the entire ABM pyramid.

There are many different ways to go about executing an account-based marketing strategy. However, finding the right blended approach for your team and the accounts you are targeting is the key to ROI-positive Account-Based Marketing programs.

To help develop a successful account-based marketing roadmap for your organisation, our team of experts will carry out an assessment from the ground up.

We will work with your sales and marketing teams to:

  1. Lay down the foundation to close accounts systematically
  2. Create a strategic roadmap to ensure that both your teams- sales and marketing agree on target accounts and reach them out with consistent messaging
  3. Help them identify new buying centres to target 
  4. Design bid support campaigns with customised and contextual content

The result of everything we do? Whether you are looking to expand into strategic accounts, achieve campaign goals or execute a programmatic approach, our team can set you up for success and help you with execution.

The business objectives that we strive for

Landing net new account
Generate new high-value opportunities for your company through personalised and targeted campaigns.
Expanding existing accounts
Identify new buying centres and opportunities within your existing account and increase your share of wallet through cross-selling and up-selling strategies.
Pipeline acceleration
Speed up how fast your deals move through your pipeline and sales process to materialise revenue faster.
Partnership and channel marketing
Increase your influence in strategic networks by establishing your organisation as an authority in key industries.

World renowned marketers recommend xGrowth

Peep Laja
Founder of CXL Institute, Wynter Games, Adeft and voted as the most influential conversion rate optimisation expert in the world in 2015

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  • xGrowth brings a very structured approach to account-based marketing

    Secure Code Warrior was looking for help rolling out their ABM process both from a strategy perspective and the execution of that strategy. We were able to work with their APAC marketing, sales and customers success teams on both of those areas and have a successful role out.
  • The Way I Would Describe xGrowth is Reliable

    "The way I would describe xGrowth is reliable. It is so important that you guys can be relied on to get a great outcome and that's really the most important thing.”
  • Dienst consulting abm

    $1.2mil in Pipeline in the First Four Weeks of Execution

    Dienst Consulting, a Citrix and Microsoft partner, wanted to reach IT executives. We rolled out a hyper targeted and personalised ABM campaign to accomplish this objective.

Some of the areas we can help you with

Aligning sales and executive leadership for your ABM initiative
The reality is, it’s going to take more than just the marketing function to run a successful account-based marketing campaign.

Marketing functions across many companies struggle to get their sales and leadership team excited about this new approach. As a result, the marketing team’s first foray into ABM and any associated marketing programs tend to fall flat. Trust us; we’ve been there.

However, not all hope is lost! Working with your team, we can help turn the most pessimistic salespeople and “less than agreeable” CEOs to the light of ABM. We work with different stakeholders to showcase the value of targeting specific accounts and how sales efforts can be better supported by committing to them.
Creating an ABM roadmap for your organisation
Most B2B organisations - especially in the enterprise space - are riddled with lengthy sales cycles. There are multiple decision-makers involved. Customers are more informed than ever. If we ask you how long it takes sales to turn a qualified account into a closed deal at your organisation. Most likely, your immediate answer would be MONTHS, in some cases, maybe even as long as 9 to 12 months.

It thus becomes essential to pivot from traditional marketing services model and traditional marketing strategy. Unlike the conventional inbound marketing approach, account-based marketing focuses on the long-term organisational objectives (we’re talking about generating revenue and tying that directly to marketing activities).

This means it’s going to take more than just one campaign to get the results you want to see from your ABM activities.

A clear and concise roadmap that illustrates key objectives and milestones will align your marketing with your company’s strategy.

Designing and executing an ABM pilot campaign
You’ve done it! You have buy-in from the sales and leadership team; you have a structured plan and roadmap to executing your first ABM campaign. Everyone is EXCITED! And now you think maybe you’ve been a bit too ambitious.

Don’t stress! Your first ABM campaign doesn’t have to change the world or reinvent reality itself. But the results that you obtain should demonstrate the value of account-based marketing to the organisation.

A pilot campaign does exactly that. However, finding the right balance for your pilot campaign can be a bit tricky. This is where we come in; we’re here to help you navigate the murky waters of a pilot campaign and to make sure your pilot is large enough to generate visible results but small enough so your marketing team doesn’t get overwhelmed!

Scaling your ABM efforts to target a larger number of accounts
Are you a bit more mature in your account-based marketing journey? Perhaps you already had some success with an ABM Pilot, and now you want REAL and SCALABLE results.

But maybe you’re not too sure about where to start. And now, with all eyes on you, it’s time to really pull up your socks. Building from your humble ABM pilot is going to take more than just some elbow grease, clever quips at the sales team and a direct mail or two.

We are here to help you navigate leadership teams' indecisiveness, the “see-sawing” commitment of the sales team and selecting the right tools and technology for scaling your ABM efforts.

Evaluating ABM MarTech and your tech stack

Ever since you started this ABM journey, everyone’s been recommending you a new “must-have” tool for your tech stack. Something has to give, right? Or perhaps you’re not sure if your tech stack will “stack up” when it really matters. 

The ABM MarTech space can be overwhelming. We help you answer questions such as:

  • What are the ABM tools you need to introduce at different stages of your ABM journey?
  • Which one of the tools is best for what you’re trying to achieve?
  • Do we even need a particular tool at this point in our journey?
  • How can we get the most out of an ABM tech that we just bought?
  • And many more…
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What Our
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"The way I would describe xGrowth is reliable. It is so important that you guys can be relied on to get a great outcome and that's really the most important thing.”
"The way I would describe xGrowth is reliable. It is so important that you guys can be relied on to get a great outcome and that's really the most important thing.”
Andrew Todd
Chief Executive Officer

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ABM, and what can it do for my brand?

ABM or account-based marketing is a more targeted and personalised form of marketing that defines your organisation’s go-to-market strategy around your most valuable target accounts.

Here we work with your sales and marketing teams to run campaigns focused on specific stakeholders from target accounts.

ABM has gained a lot of traction in the last decade and can reap tremendous benefits for your business. 56% of companies now leverage ABM. 80% of marketing teams worldwide have confirmed a higher return on investment from ABM initiatives. So ABM can help your business achieve higher deal closing rates, promote better and relevant brand awareness and much more.

Why do you need an account-based marketing agency? Why can’t you do it yourself?

You can definitely do it yourself.

But we find that due to the complexity of ABM campaigns, it’s more than just picking a few campaigns and running some ads against them.

And especially if it’s your first time running an ABM campaign, it will take some time and digging around to get things set up correctly.

We’ve been through the thick of it and have executed a hundred or so campaigns… and in the early days, we made tons of mistakes. At a minimum, we can make sure you don’t make the same mistakes running your ABM campaign. Especially if it’s your pilot and the leadership team has its eyes on the outcome.


Why is alignment between sales and marketing important?

Ensuring your sales and marketing team are aligned is pivotal to ensuring your ABM campaign runs successfully. The reason why is because an ABM campaign is a lot more complex and involves your sales and marketing team performing different types of outreach as part of an ABM sequence.

If your sales and marketing team are not aligned, likely, any accounts that you engage may well receive very mixed messages and communication from your team.


What does an account-based marketing agency do?

An account-based marketing agency helps you develop a cohesive ABM campaign suitable for your team and your target market. In many instances, organisations are confused about where to start and how “big” they have to go for their ABM campaign.

An experienced account-based marketing agency generally has the processes and knowledge to define ABM for your organisation, help you design your ABM pilot campaign and create a roadmap to scale your ABM efforts. An account-based marketing agency is also a great mediator that can bring the sales and marketing team together to assist in executing an ABM campaign.


Is account-based marketing (ABM) just B2B marketing?

This is a hard one. We know recently there has been a lot of content floating around about “ABM is just B2B marketing” or that “ABM is just good marketing”.

The truth is, there are definitely a lot of overlaps between ABM and B2B marketing. Still, ABM has a stronger focus on marketing in the enterprise space. It might not be the best approach for the SMB market (but last time we checked, there are definitely B2B companies targeting and selling to SMBs).

The other big difference between ABM and traditional B2B marketing is that ABM shifts the focus from lead generation to account targeting and outreach. This generally involves a more focused and strategic approach to how your marketing activities operate.

If I want to do ABM, do I have to change my marketing strategy completely?

Not at all!

Your ABM initiatives can live right alongside your traditional demand-gen strategy. Having a solid demand generation foundation can play a big part in helping you roll out your ABM campaign.

As your organisation begins to mature its ABM practices, you might find yourself having two go to market strategies (ABM and demand-gen), custom made with different objectives in mind.


How can I get started with ABM?
You are in luck; we at xGrowth have created a complete ABM Guide that can be accessed. If you are looking at solving a specific problem, contact us for a free discovery session now!
Do you offer free discovery sessions?

Yes! You can reach out to us for an initial consulting session here.



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