5 Best Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Campaign Examples in Singapore

Shahin Hoda 8  mins read January 17th, 2023 (Updated: February 23rd, 2024)

Account-Based Marketing (ABM) strategies have revolutionised how B2B marketers approach their campaigns.


By targeting specific accounts through personalised outreach and tailored messages, ABM enables B2B companies to maximise ROI from their marketing efforts.

While there’s a lot of content out there to learn about ABM, looking at other ABM case studies is something every marketer should invest their time in.

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    These successful ABM campaign examples in Singapore can provide invaluable guidance that could help your business achieve greater success, whether it's analysing content strategies, optimisation tactics or more general approaches to Account-Based Marketing campaigns.

    There are plenty of case studies to learn from that showcase what works and what doesn't for B2B organisations. By now, you might already know where I am going with this.

    In this article, I will discuss some unique Account-Based Marketing campaign examples in Singapore you can take inspiration from. The examples will comprise some of xGrowth’s ABM campaigns and some that are in the public domain.

    So, without further ado, let’s dive right into it!

    xGrowth Delivers ABM Success for a Fraud Analytics Firm in APAC!


    About the Company

    The first example comes from an xGrowth client. 

    They are a technology company that provides solutions to protect financial institutions from fraud and money laundering activities. Their advanced risk operations platform uses data science, artificial intelligence and machine learning to track and prevent any kind of identity thefts, fraudulent transactions and bank account takeovers.

    ABM Challenge 

    This organisation was new to Account-Based Marketing. They wanted to leverage our experience in the APAC region and ABM expertise to get meetings with key decision-makers from some of the largest financial institutions in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Australia.

    ABM Strategy and Campaigns Executed

    Our ABM campaign was explicitly tailored for the risk, IT, and fraud departments of large banks in APAC. 

    The campaign's theme was to encourage the prospects to let our client be their "eyes" and "ears" for spotting and protecting against transactional fraud.

    To ensure a successful ABM campaign, we took a multi-channel approach leveraging the strengths of direct mail, targeted ads, social selling and email. We crafted multiple messages to reach our target audience from all possible angles and increase engagement.

    One of the unique things we did in our direct mail piece was posting a drone in the mail to some key account stakeholders. The prospects could connect the drone to their phones and then see the areas beyond their regular line of sight. This communicated our messaging and aligned with our theme of letting our client be the eyes and ears banks and financial services companies can rely on!

    Download the State of Account-Based Marketing in APAC Report - Banner


    The results from the ABM campaign laid the foundation for new revenue opportunities and continued adoption of the Account-Based Marketing strategy within our client organisation.

    In terms of some numbers, the campaign positively impacted the sales pipeline.

    We were targeting 56 accounts and opened doors to 14 of those for our client!

    Snowflake Executes 2000+ Complex 1:1 ABM Campaigns at Scale! 


    About the Company

    Snowflake is one of the fastest-growing technology companies of the last decade. 

    If you don’t already know about it, Snowflake offers organisations an extremely powerful way to manage their data warehouse needs.

    The Data Cloud, which is the company’s core product, allows customers to access their datasets quickly and carry out analysis on them in a secure-agile manner.

    The company went public in 2020 and has seen explosive growth since then.

    Snowflake’s ABM Challenge 

    With their IPO achieved and the company steadily developing its ABM practice on the back of six members, the pressure was on maintaining sustainable growth in the future.

    Snowflake’s primary objective was to retain enterprise scale. This meant having the capability to service more than 2,000 1:1 ABM campaigns in 100+ high-value accounts.

    The other challenge was ensuring that the sales team got added support from marketing in the attempt to acquire new accounts and expand into existing clients.

    Download the State of Account-Based Marketing in APAC Report - Banner

    ABM Strategy and Campaigns Executed

    For scaling to the enterprise level, the team at Snowflake launched the ‘Top 100’ program. 

    The program identified 2500 target companies to be covered via LinkedIn-sponsored ads, InMails and carousels. All of these were delivered via the RollWorks ABM platform. The marketing team tailored their messaging according to each target decision-maker-interests in data lakes and other topics related to cloud-based data warehouses.

    “Content Hubs” were created using Uberflip, which acted as custom landing pages for ads. The ABM team also went out of its way to deliver the target account stakeholders a consistent brand messaging experience from the advertisement to their website.

    Furthermore, to gain traction, Snowflake SDRs, in collaboration with their marketing counterparts, leveraged e-gifts to connect with lower-level decision-makers in the target accounts before working their way up in terms of influence. 


    From a results standpoint, the Snowflake team observed a 75% increase in SDR-booked meetings quarter-on-quarter. 

    They were also able to drive sales and marketing alignment via bi-weekly catch-ups that weren’t being done before. 

    Read more about this splendid case study here.

    xGrowth's ABM Campaign for an APAC-Based IT Workspace & Security Specialist


    About the Company

    At xGrowth, we have had great opportunities to work with amazing companies within APAC and North America. The company in question for this specific ABM campaign example offers IT solutions that empower businesses of all sizes to work remotely while maintaining an extra level of security.

    ABM Challenge 

    The company had never dabbled in ABM. They also had talent and technology constraints for executing an Account-Based Marketing campaign. While their current sales and marketing teams were working effectively together, they wanted to leverage the power of Account-Based Marketing to accelerate introductions in some of their key target accounts.

    ABM Strategy and Campaigns Executed

    The organisation we were working with had CIOs and CISOs of their key accounts as the target audience. Being in the remote work and cyber security space, our campaign theme was twofold; the first aspect was about starting a conversation around securing hybrid and remote workspaces in the post-pandemic world. The second angle was to point out the silos between IT and the security teams.

    After talking to the sales reps at the organisation and doing our research, we published a guide for enterprise security, copies of which were mailed to key stakeholders from prospective clients.

    The packages delivered to CIOs were in the form of a safe, the code to which was mailed to the security managers of the same organisation. The catch was that the CIOs had to contact their IT security managers to access the piece of personalised content that we had created for them.


    This campaign got instant attention from the desired stakeholders, and the client was able to secure the meetings they were hoping for. The direct mail allowed us to personalise the messaging and branding of our overall campaign experience. It served as the initial foot in the door our client hoped to get. 

    Commerce Experience Management Player Leverages ABM to Gather Event Registrations


    About the Company

    Our fourth example is about a company that offers commerce experience management platforms to retailers of all sizes. It has multiple offerings that help manage and organise product information, digital assets, and online catalogues for smooth shopping experiences.

    ABM Challenge

    The challenge this company aimed to address was increasing the number of registrations for their in-person event. The event was a significant investment. It was also an opportunity to engage with existing accounts and identify decision-makers from prospective organisations.

    With such high stakes, their marketing team decided to follow an Account-Based Marketing strategy.

    While some may argue that the end objective here is not what you would use an ABM campaign for, from a big-picture perspective, it does lead to things like more revenue or landing a new client.

    ABM Strategy and Campaigns Executed

    The approach utilised was similar to a one-to-many campaign focused on using targeted ads and personalised emails to reach potential attendees.

    In addition to these tactics, the sales team also conducted a significant amount of outreach to promote the event and encourage registration. This outreach was only after the target account stakeholders had gone through at least one brand touchpoint in the ABM campaign.


    The company's strategic efforts were successful, as they secured nearly 35% more registrants than their target. The in-person event became a physical extension of the digital ABM tactics that had been deployed previously, consolidating all their marketing efforts under the ABM umbrella.

    xGrowth's Singapore-Focused Campaign for a Low-Code Development Platform Company


    About the Company

    Let’s look at another xGrowth Account-Based Marketing example. This client of ours is an incredibly efficient low-code platform that simplifies the complex processes involved in the development and deployment of omnichannel enterprise applications. They also provide a suite of tools to help companies automate their IT operations, making it simpler to launch projects into production.

    The company is headquartered in Europe and became a unicorn in 2018!

    ABM Challenge 

    We were delighted when this organisation reached out to us for a second time; their collaboration with us on our ANZ-focused ABM campaign enabled them to make great strides in their sales cycle for landing new clients.

    Determined to further that success, they wanted to bring the same excellence into achieving equivalent results for Singapore.

    ABM Strategy and Campaigns Executed

    Our Account-Based Marketing campaign for this client had a singular message: to help software development and engineering teams of financial sector companies in Singapore stand out amongst their peers.

    Embodying the campaign theme, "shine above the rest in your industry", we employed a multiple-channel targeted approach to reach the prospective ideal clients.

    We used email, direct calls, targeted ads, IP-targeted ads, banner ads and LinkedIn social selling from a tactical standpoint.

    Apart from the usual activities, such as creating content and addressing pain points, we decided to pursue a creative approach for this campaign. We named a star, yes, an actual burning ball of gas in space star, after some of the most influential stakeholders in our target accounts and made sure to properly register it in the public domain. We then printed out the corresponding certificate and included it in the package sent directly to them.

    The package also featured additional items such as Walter Isaacson’s book The Innovators, a NASA cap and a brass telescope; all designed with the idea of showing the prospect how our client's platform can help them "shine above the rest of their competitors."

    Finally, this campaign was bolstered through the effective use of video by the sales and marketing team. We created content that went beyond what traditional text-based methods can offer and leveraged multimedia to engage with the key decision-makers in an impactful way.


    The sales team and the leadership appreciated the results of this Account-Based Marketing campaign. Within the seven new accounts being targeted, we were able to open three opportunities in three months!

    xGrowth’s Approach to ABM Campaigns


    I hope this article on "Best Account-Based Marketing Examples" will provide you with more inspiration on your Account-Based Marketing journey.

    If you are curious about the xGrowth run ABM campaign examples, what we do and how we can help you ace your ABM strategy, do check out our ABM services page here!

    To read the previous post that talks about some really cool examples involving GumGum, T-mobile, and a comic book, click the link here!

    If you are looking for anything ABM related, reach out to us by using this contact form!

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