What can ABM Practitioners in APAC learn from other regions?

Shahin Hoda 2  mins read August 31st, 2022 (Updated: December 11th, 2023)


In the second webinar of the “State of Account-Based Marketing (ABM) in APAC” series, we further unpack the findings from our report. Join our panellists - Leanne Chescoe from Demandbase and Ljubica Radoicic from Autodesk, as they share ABM learnings from other geographies that marketers in the APAC region can leverage.

During this session, they will also address some burning questions, such as

🎯 What are the top APAC countries adopting ABM?
🎯 What are the top industries being targeted with ABM?
🎯 How is ABM being deployed in APAC, and what is the most popular style?
🎯 What can APAC marketers learn from EMEA and North America?

About the Panel:

​Leanne is the Senior Manager of Field Marketing for the EMEA region at Demandbase. She has a proven track record in website development, campaign management and lead generation.

Her commitment, enthusiasm, and willingness to get involved have led her to specialise in Account-Based Marketing, Growth Marketing, Demand Generation, and Sales & Marketing Alignment.

​Ljubica is a strategic marketing leader with 20 years of experience across technology (SaaS), professional services, industrial / construction, and publishing sectors. Over the years, Ljubica has transformed marketing operations at several organisations into high-performing functions. She is currently the Marketing and CX Director for Autodesk in the APAC region.
​​Shahin is the Founder of xGrowth, a B2B growth agency helping organisations close more mid-market and large enterprise deals. He's making that happen by popularising Account-Based Marketing (ABM) in Australia, working alongside B2B leaders to implement ABM strategies and building predictable revenue engines.

​​Before founding Shift Research, Andrew covered the business, technology and resources sectors across Australia and Asia-Pacific for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. He has also worked in numerous research and communications roles across Europe, the US, East Africa and Asia-Pacific – for organisations, including RMIT University, The Burnet Institute, Actis, The African Development Bank and Centum Investments.


Show notes:

[00:23] Introduction to the webinar
[02:13] ABM adoption trends by geographies and industries
[03:23] Prominence of 1:1 ABM in APAC
[06:08] Differences in ABM approach & issues between APAC and other geographies
[06:25] Focus on localisation based on maturity
[08:49] Working with local partners
[09:13] APAC market is fragmented, so the return on 1:many or 1: few ABM approach is less
[11:44] Data for ABM in major APAC countries such as Indonesia & Thailand are not available
[15:41] Learnings from North America and other geographies
[16:18] Lack of experience in building an ABM strategy
[16:42] Meet regularly with your ABM team
[17:53] Look for a solution that provides a consistent view to both marketers and sales
[19:34] Customising ABM approaches in North America and EMEA for APAC
[22:53] Success Stories of 1: few ABM campaigns
[27:38] Tips for transitioning from lead-gen to an ABM approach
[31:03] Deciding resource allocation - looking at the growth goals of the company
[33:30] Start with a pilot campaign
[34:03] Tiering your accounts
[38:34] How has ABM worked for start-ups?
[41:19] What factors need to be enhanced for ABM to be successful in APAC?
[44:22] Intent data tools might not add too much value in the APAC region
[49:58] Tools for ABM
[56:22] Biggest changes in the ABM space - Better data.



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