Webinar: How to Roll Out Programmatic (one-to-many) ABM

Alexander Hipwell 2  mins read October 28th, 2022 (Updated: April 16th, 2024)

Webinar: How to Roll Out Programmatic (one-to-many) ABM

Programmatic Account-Based Marketing, or one-to-many, is one of three tiers of ABM, the other two being one to few and one to one. It is focussed on a large number of accounts and tailoring campaigns at scale.

The key to this style of ABM is having the right balance between personalisation and scale.

Compared to the other tiers, this one-to-many approach is more reliant on technology. This is because a one-to-many campaign can require targeting and delivering a personalised message to a large number of accounts, sometimes in the thousands.

If you are targeting upper mid-market, enterprise companies and government entities this session is tailored for you. ​

🎓 What you will learn in this session:

  • How to start the one-to-many ABM process
  • ​What KPIs you need to have in place - ​How to plan your campaign objectives
  • ​How to approach account selection
  • ​How to approach budget allocation
  • ​Scoring models for programmatic ABM
  • ​The differences between APAC and other regions ​

🎙Who are the speakers?


Sumari leads the digital acquisition strategy and program execution at DocuSign APAC. Sumari has close to 20 years of marketing experience, leading omnichannel programs targeting various personas and industries with a focus on growth marketing that drives demand and awareness for brands in APAC and South Africa. ​


​Shelby Crabtree is a Senior Strategic Customer Success Manager at RollWorks. RollWorks is a division of NextRoll that offers B2B companies an account-based platform to align their marketing and sales teams and confidently grow revenue. Since starting at RollWorks, Shelby has supported DocuSign with their ABM programs and strategies. She brings over a decade of customer success experience, specializing in digital advertising. Shelby resides in the USA in Phoenix, AZ. ​


Shahin is the Founder of xGrowth, a B2B growth agency helping organisations close more mid-market and large enterprise deals. He's making that happen by popularising Account-Based Marketing (ABM) in Australia, working alongside B2B leaders implementing ABM strategies and building predictable revenue engines.


Before founding Shift Research, Andrew covered the business, technology and resources sectors across Australia and Asia-Pacific for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. He has also worked in numerous research and communications roles across Europe, the US, East Africa and Asia Pacific – for organisations, including RMIT University, The Burnet Institute, Actis, The African Development Bank and Centum Investments.


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xGrowth brings a very structured approach to ABM. It’s been amazing working with you.

michele clarke
Michele Clarke
Head of Marketing, APAC Secure Code Warrior
When I think ABM, I think xGrowth. xGrowth were 100% committed, the whole team was just like our business partner. I would say you are not a business vendor; you are our business partner.
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Reena Misra
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