Podcast: The Role of Conversational Marketing in ABM

Shahin Hoda 2  mins read July 20th, 2022 (Updated: January 9th, 2024)

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Ronan Bray from Drift: The Role of Conversational Marketing in ABM

Episode topic: How to Use Conversational Marketing in ABM

In this episode, host Shahin Hoda chats with Ronan Bray, head of APAC Marketing at Drift, about the role of conversational marketing in ABM and how chatbots can be used as an additional channel to acquire new accounts as well as expand into existing ones.

During the conversation, Ronan shares the success Drift clients such as Skedulo, Employment Hero & Baileys Living have experienced with this technology. He also addresses common misconceptions and data privacy concerns that can arise while implementing chatbots. 

Rohan concludes the discussion by sharing the importance of playbooks and encouraging marketers to understand the MarTech stack of their respective organisations for better sales alignment.

This episode’s guest

Ronan Bray: The Role of Conversational Marketing in ABM - headshot

Ronan Bray, Head of Marketing (APAC) at Drift

Ronan is a hands-on marketer with over 15 years of experience in the B2B tech space, focusing on growth, automation, digital and strategy. He is the Head of Marketing (APAC) for Drift, a conversational platform delivering better buying experiences for over 50,000 customers globally.

Apart from his corporate adventures, Ronan has founded three companies, two of which he sold. He still operates his third company that delivers marketing strategy, websites, lead generation campaigns, and marketing automation solutions for start-ups and SMEs.

Ronan was awarded the Smart 30 Under 30 award and has been featured in the Australian Financial Review, Sydney Morning Herald and SmartCompany.

Connect with him on LinkedIn

Conversation segments on this episode:

  • [02:11] How does conversational marketing get embedded in ABM?
  • [05:10] Examples of new customer acquisitions with chatbots
  • [07:55] Leveraging conversational marketing for existing customers
  • [11:45] Navigating customer privacy issues with chatbots
  • [15:05] Misconceptions about chatbots
  • [18:17] Foundational pieces for experimenting with chatbots - website, CRM, marketing automation, conversational platform.
  • [22:25] Power of playbooks!
  • [25:39] Advice for B2B marketers - “map out your whole tech-stack and how each component aligns with sales.”
  • [28:40] Exciting thing about B2B - the pace of technology evolution.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

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xGrowth brings a very structured approach to ABM. It’s been amazing working with you.

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