What channels other than email work for ABM?

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We are back with another Q&A session about B2B Marketing and Account-Based Marketing. Now today's question is from Damian, and Damian's question is, apart from email what other channels are good for Account-Based Marketing? 

Okay, I got a list of six down here. The very first one is events and webinars. Now I know it sounds old school, what do you mean events?

Face-to-face interaction, still nothing can replace it and these events have a massive impact in B2B. So that's number one.

Number two that I have down over here is podcasts." Podcasts can, if leveraged properly, can open doors into accounts like no other things, so definitely leveraging podcasts is a big component.

Number three is old-school, picking up the phone. I know a lot of people talk about cold calling is dead, I disagree! Cold calling is not dead. Cold calling or some sort of phone call is part of every cadence that we run, and as part of those cadences that we run, when we see the difference between when we have a call, and we don't have a call, the difference is enormous. So cold calls, having a proper script for your calls and a voicemail strategy is critical.

Number four is LinkedIn - leveraging LinkedIn. You can be very targeted, you can almost find anyone on LinkedIn. Leveraging LinkedIn is absolutely critical in your cadence and using it as a channel. 

Number five, using some sort of targeted advertising. This could be programmatic, IP based, or LinkedIn. We're a bit iffy when it comes to other channels like Facebook and Instagram, or Twitter to some degree when it comes to advertising for B2B. But these other three channels, can yield amazing results.

The last one is direct mail. Now, direct mail is making a comeback but it only has an impact when it's personalised, customised, and very targeted. It can be a game-changer for your campaign. 

So those are the six channels that we use when we run ABM campaigns. Love to hear it if you have feedback on what you've seen results with.

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