Boost your Facebook & Instagram ads with Local Area Marketing

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How do you reach your customers on social media? And once you’ve reached them, what’s the best way to actually connect?

Luke Marshall is a Group Account Director at Tiger Pistol and will teach you the best approach to using Facebook and Instagram in your business, and much more. Tiger Pistol currently works with over 100 major clients and runs campaigns over 30,000+ locations per month.

Tiger Pistol is a social ad automation company who started back in Melbourne, in 2011.

With offices now in Austin, TX, Los Angeles, London, and of course, Melbourne, Tiger Pistol has quickly become the largest 3rd party publisher of small and local Facebook ads in the world.

Luke has worked in big tech and agencies, working with clients such as L’Oreal, Mondelez, P&G, Mars, and Unilever, Luke knows what works in social media, and he’s here to share his expertise with you.

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