How to Build the Sales Team of Your Dreams

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Are you building a sales team, but you’re uncertain where to start?

In the early years of a business, it's especially important to hire carefully since each hire has huge potential to impact a smaller company.

Building an effective team can be challenging, in this webinar we’ll discuss how to approach building a sales team, how many members will it take to get to scale, and what the team's background and experience should look like.

Greg and Shahin will be sitting down to discuss how to tackle building a sales team and the importance of sales and marketing alignment.

👉 Here’s what you’ll learn 👈
- The importance of sales and marketing alignment
- How to build a sales team - How to hire for a sales team
- Common mistakes to avoid when building a sales team
- What is the landscape of sales in Australia

🎙 Who's the presenter?

Greg Anderson
VP of Sales, APAC | TechTarget

Greg leads TechTarget’s sales team across APAC. In his 12 years in tech marketing sales he’s worked in Boston, San Francisco, Singapore, and Australia delivering complex marketing & SaaS solutions and strategies to global tech leaders such as Cisco, Microsoft, Intel, HPE, Oracle, Amazon, Salesforce and many more. He is passionate about digital marketing, sales, and overall personal and professional growth through continuous education and dialogue with others interested in the same pursuit.

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