Why Account-Based Marketing is Trending in 2020?

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Late last year at Arketi Group’s 13th annual Business-to-Business Technology CMO Roundtable, account-based marketing (or ABM as it's commonly known) was recognised as a 2020 trend for B2B businesses.

ABM is starting to dominate B2B marketing discussions, and for great reasons. When implemented properly it's been delivering remarkable results for B2B businesses.

B2B marketers everywhere are starting to embrace account-based marketing, but Mike Neumeier, CMO at Arketi Group makes a great point; “don’t be fooled by the M in ABM.” Marketers don’t own this strategy, it needs to be a collaborative process between both the marketing and the sales team.

Marketing needs to be creating awesome highly targeted content that addressed the specific pain points of the accounts being targeted.

The sales team needs to have a deep understanding of the pain points prospects are facing and be on the front lines with them.

Account-Based Marketing means doing a lot of the work upfront to identify which accounts are the most opportunist for us, which ones we think will make the best customers and drive the most revenue. So it’s really more about enabling our sales team to drive conversations with those accounts as well as ensuring we’re providing the right message and content that’s relevant for those accounts.

Perri Garner - Director of ABM, DocuSign

Steven Casey, the Principal Analyst for B2B marketing at Forrester Research published in the recent report “New Tech: Account-Based Marketing Solutions, Q1 2020” that between 2015 and 2019, investors sunk more than $500 million into ABM applications.

Casey goes on to state “In relatively little time, B2B marketers’ interested in and use of account-based marketing has evolved from a trend-setting idea to a mainstream strategy, with most organizations falling somewhere on the continuum from planning to fully implemented.”

More and more companies are refocusing on creating compelling customers experiences (or CX) and personalising these experiences more and more. Personalisation and delighting are key fundamentals of account-based marketing, so it’s no wonder why it’s sky rocking in popularity.

But the Australian market has it’s own challenges when approaching ABM, particularly due to limited and immature data sets.

I am personally looking forward to seeing how ABM continues to transform the B2B sales and marketing landscape, and how we can continue to delight prospects with relevant personalised campaigns to help them grow their businesses.

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